SunMoon Kitchen, LLC
SunMoon Kitchen, LLC

Our Story


My journey began with a challenge of creating a new job, after alot of changes in my life. I began to demo wine in local grocery stores, and that sparked my idea that I partner and start up a business using a family's recipe for a fresh tasting,healthy miso and fresh ginger miso dressing.

The idea for the name of our company came from my daughter's childhood artwork, who had drawn a picture of the sun and moon. I added the word kitchen because I believe that peace and good health begin in the kitchen, and the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. I wanted to share this message on our products.

We make our dressings by hand, using only fresh, natural, high quality ingredients. We do not use preservatives or sugar, our dressing sare gluten free, vegan, GMO free, and low sodium and incredibly tastey!

 We are very grateful for all of the success and support we've had and are looking forward to growing our comapny and line of products. Thanks to all of you! 

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